Thursday, October 29, 2009


These days i have been getting a strange wish. something that i ve not been achieve for a very long time.
its a simple thing and lot of ppl in India achieve very high standards in the same. but i ve not been able to be a novice in it. in fact , such is the proficiency level in the field in our country that had it been an Olympic event, we would be unchallenged champions.
though its not a big feat. it can be performed easily even in buses/trains, classrooms, library, at home, in the office and almost everywhere and any time.
by this time you must be very close to guessing what it is.
my wish is that i want to get bored.
ya i really want to get bored!!
i want to feel for some time ( may be a day) that i dont ve anything to do. and i have to kill time.
i want to play solitaire on my PC.
these past few months have been really very busy. there is so much on that everything moves like clockwork governed by the 'To-Do' List.
even the lves have also been very busy. lets see when can i achieve a foothold in this activity.
till then Cheers. keep working hard.


- DAD.