Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Remembering KolKata

This is my first blog off the cell. I just got nostalgic about kolkata. This happened b'coz i spoke to my cousin who stays in kol. Also i watched the last scene of parineeta, a movie i am as it is quite fond of.
Well almost everything is worth remembering. Here are a few:
Park st
The evening at maidan
Eden gardens
Ganga or hooghly
Local train
Kathal bagan
Rickshaw horn
Cop in white
Puchka outside ac market
Ambassador taxi
Bada bazaar
Howrah stn
Both howrah bridges
Tata steel bldg
Rabindra sadan
Kali bari
And lot more...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Parichay the soap on colors: strong condemnation.

i ve been watching parichay on colors since some time. if some of you think that's uncool, so be it. but till now i ve really liked the soap. story line was different and fresh.

but something that's happening now is totally anti-social. the people behind the making of the program are encashing on the latest public emotion. and that's fear - psychosis. these people should be sued for creating and spreading terror in our homes at prime time.

i think there should be a public apology and even the govt should take strong view of this.

let me explain why. in the serial the hero dies in a bomb blast. these has accentuated the effects of a terror strike. everybody has started to imagine in fear the same about one's loved ones and the darkest fear of losing them so suddenly and abruptly. now what is this feeling. this is 'TERROR'.

this is exactly what the terrorist organisations want. terror is not because of a strike , but rather its in the mind. few people die in a strike and a community is affected. after 9/11 air travel in USA came down by 80%. so thats where terror strikes. in the mind. at the psyche. you could be terrorised of heights . but thats just in your mind. and this serial is affecting common resilient indians . it is drawing them in the dark pit of fear.

so even if nothing is happening, people are scared. scared that something like what happened to our hero in the serial my happen to them or their loved ones.

so i appeal to the makers of this program to ammend their mistake by issuing a public apology and also to the TV community in general to refrain from taking advantage of the raw nerve of the common man.

i strongly condemn the last few episodes. if you agree please popularise the same among as many people as possible. i also request you to post your comments on this issue.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Women Reservation

i know i am traversing a difficult path; to write about such a sensitive topic. but i feel, there is something fundamentally wrong or rather inappropriate about women reservation and ladies compartments in trains. i write this with full respect to ladies and as a husband and the father of a daughter. we live in the world of hypocricy. and we tend to take sides as it suits us. we all support en masse( or do we really?) anna hazare and his efforts to end corruption. but the very other moment we participate in it ourselves by bribing a train TTE or a cop at the tfc signal. so conviniently we decide our take on lot of things. similarly this concept of reservation. today's 21st century girl has an individuality and a social status of her own. she is free and sets rules for herself. she is not bound by society rules and traditions. a no of organisations are fighting for noble cause of female liberation and eqaulity for the few ladies who are still not so 'aware ' as the former. during this time talking about reservation is a regressive step. i believe reservation is something for the downtrodden and also for the very basic of needs . certainly not for the highest office of the country. i have travelled a lot in this country, and observed that how difficult is it for a single girl to travel by various modes of tpt incl mumbai locals and dtc busses. also i have found a no of men rather chivalrously giving their seats to women who are standing. a no of ladies have been found to deny the offer for they are the 21st century lot. also chivalry can be shown to people who actually deserve it. a lady is also required to demonstrate lady like behaviour in public. when she fails to do so chivalry gets discouraged. i ve seen women not offer their seats if a frail senior citizen is standing next to them. this discourages a man from offering his seat to an able bodied fit female. my appeal to all the women in this society is that they should take a call. whether they would like to traverse the convinient path or reservation or talk of gender equality. pl do not always find the easy way out for yourself. stick to your indl stand. a failure to do so confuses the entire society. and therefore the overall respect for the fairer sex is found to be diminishing can be commonly observed. and so it is a submission that this 'opportunist' behaviour must be discouraged. comments are welcome.