Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar eclipse

so the much awaited event is finally over.
i had my squash match in the morning and after that when we came out we experienced the eclipse. although it was badly clouded but we could experience it. it got completely dark for abt 3 minutes.
it was breathtaking and awesome. what strikes me most abt these celestial events is that how well and accurately they get predicted. predicted till the last second. Awesome. and come to think of it. even the ancient greeks and indians cd do it. science must have been so well developed .
now i am already thinking abt my next chance of viewing such an event. i hope its soon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


we've all heard of munshi premchand. these days i m reading one of his first books titled "sevsadan". and let me tell u folks awesome is an understatement.
i am enjoying reading it very much. the story is set in early 20th century and its really very interesting to read about the contemprory issues at that time and the social situation.
so it's wonderful.
we in india know atleast 2-3 languages.but get so obsessed by only english. there is so much literature avail in other languages and you will derive great pleausre.
so i ask of you to read some hindi and local language books and not waste this extra knowledge of language that all of us have by not reading. we should not use these languages merely for conversation but also read extensively.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Code Of a Warrior

"This is the code by which the entire Indian Army lives by. and dies too.
"I am a Warrior.
Fighting is my Dharma.
I will train my mind, body and spirit to excel in all devices and weapons of war, future and present,
I will Always protect the weak,
I will Be truthful to bluntness,
I will Be humane, cultured and compassionate,
I will Fight and embrace the consequences,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

omegle is a wonderful website that i came across recently. it did not have much zing-bang of other networking site. and that is what makes it refreshingly different. no concept of login or an acct. in fact the beauty lies in anonymity. as soon as click on chat u will be randomly connected to a stranger. u talk about general issues and things u like to do or dont.
but generally don't discuss ur name et al.
in fact the site mentions that 'asl' is a taboo.
u are also free to pretend to be somebody else and pose and chat like him.
its great fun. and keep posting me on ur exploits.

Monday, July 13, 2009

some praise!

there's a n old friend of mine. she recently showered some praise for the blog that i write.
u can read the same in my scraps on orkut.
Finally ! something to cheer about.
Thanks Payal.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Worli sea link - Pride of India

it is not just an architectural marvel, it is the jewel in the crown. it comes at a time when india is moving and there's a general "feel good" around. The worli-bandra sea link was dedicated to the nation yesterday and i felt so proud of my country. last time i had such a feeling was ahen Chandraayan soared in the sky.

the sea link is by no measure a mean feat. it proves India's position as one of the technology leaders and certainly by far the most advanced in the subcontinent. bridging the sea is one of the biggest challenges of the contemprory times and we have done ourselves proud by achieving it.

i would like to congratulate the entire team of ppl who were involved in the project.

way to go India.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Union Budget 2009-10

from the nation's pt of view it might be a good budget. but as a salaried person and a layman i have been disappointed. there are 2 major issues which did not meet my expectations:
1. IT slab raised by just 10,000/- . it will effect a net saving of Rs 1,000/- on my IT for the yr.(out of something around 40,000/- which i am expected to shell out).
2. ceiling for savings under 80-c still remains at 1,00,000/-. a total shocker. with the entire nation expecting encouragement for savings and investments it was a total anticlimax.

which means that i have to definitely take some house loan to save on some tax. may be thats what the fin min wants!

but there's a silver lining also. the prices of LCD TVs have gone down by 5%. i.e by about 2K. i am planning to buy a LCD in the very near future. though the prices of set top box has gone up.
may be will have to live with such things.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


thanks mohit for posting those comments which encourages me to write more.
and dont think too much abt we guys meeting each other. we are as eager to meet u as u must be. so come to india you must.

post nupitl POA!!

it was in my mind for quite some time but now it has started to take some shape. my plan of action after my marriage is quite simple. but it is subject to so many small and big ifs. and it is something which not many ppl do or even plan. i am of the firm belief that if the majority is doing something , then it must be the best and most right thing to do. and put conversely, if not many ppl are doing something then it's not a great idea for u to do it either. or the time tested path is much better than the 'path not taken'. but since my idea doesn't put much on stake( except the wrath of my would be better half) , i ve almost decided that i will do it. ( now pl don't start jumping to any conclusions .)

this idea erupted because a no of people have invited me over to their places for my much awaited 'honeymoon' . Actually, sometimes i feel they are waiting for it more eagerly than i am. so i ve decided to oblige them all and enjoy the grand , large hearted , warm indian hospitality.i am going to vis all my relatives ( maybe her also if she is very keen) and my coursemates at nice stns and other offrs who are posted at 'good' places.
i will drive, take train journeys et al to underatke this large excursion.
let's see if this fructifies.
let me know of how u feel about this idea.