Saturday, May 23, 2009


i met her in mumbai during this lve. she was sitting next to me and through the corner of my eye i could see that she was looking very pretty. all the time as she was adjacent to me and damn it! i couldn't even see her properly. i met her with bhanu and all the time the 3 of us were talking. i mean i didn't get a chance to spk to her . there was quite a bit i wanted to spk to her. i think i was getting carried away in the moment. something which i never let myself do. so i checked myself and for good.
i ve known her for a good abt 11 yrs and the thing that strikes me most abt her is her confidence and the fact that she knows what she wants in her life.
be it her career , her job, or her personal life she is absolutely clear abt it. kudos to her for that.
if there's anyone who might be interested in me, don't lose heart after reading this blog. i must tell u that she is happily settled in her job and has already found " the right man "for herself. so ppl i am still available. like Anthony Gonzalvez said "
dil bhi hai khali, ghar bhi hai khali.
is main rahegi koi kismtwali"

Lve over

So finally the lve is over. the much awaited lve is already over.
but it was very good this time. i enjoyed it very much and it was a wonderful break.
it was so nice that it doesn't pinch at all to be back in the rut.
only thing i cdn't do this time was watch a movie. coz there were none. infact me and my bro had even planned to watch 'mee shivajirav boltoy' at nasik. somehow it didn't materialise.
But it was great. it was an awesome experience to drive on the present roads in maharashtra. i drove to pune from nasik and then from nasik to mumbai.
Mumbai was an fantabulous experience. it was a great outing avec la famie. and all of us really enjoyed. the beauty of marine drive - nariman pt never fails to amaze me.
if u think of it, what is it. a curved road near a water body. but the beauty of the place justifies the name 'the queen's necklace.
but this time around , there was another feeling too. the feeling of why i wasn't here to save my country on 26/11. infront of trident and taj i felt so helpless; helpless because of my politicians for they are so spineless.
in mumbai, i met couple of my dearest school time friends bhanu and jyotsna. it was a great reunion. i had an awesome time with them. we discussed school days and it was great.
And this post won't be complete without a mention of my journey in the lifeline of mumbai, its locals. i greatly enjoyed the journey and also enjoyed the renedition of 'dulhe ka sehra' from dhadkan by an urchin. over all the lve was great fun and i am already looking fwd to my next vacation.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Werewolves of London!!

i recently watched the Tom Cruise starrer oscar winning 1986 movie 'the color of money'. i ve downloaded one of it's songs called ' Werewolves of London'. good song. its kind of retro. beautiful song.