Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nice Sunday

today was a nice sunday. not the typical bright yellow. but the gray gloomy day. but was definitely great for staying indoors. sunday newspaper type day. i just love the sunday newspaper. i used to just wait for the sunday toi and still cant resist it sometimes during train journeys.( most of the suffixes being sundays end up in trains.) but over a pd of time the quality of content has deteriorated quite a bit. and now i am hooked on tlo ht.
i specially liked it with the leisure time that was available today.
tomorrow is again monday morning.
just another one.
i am taking on another resp tomorrow.
big task and i am going to be very busy from tomorrow.
lets see how i handle it.

1 comment:

Mohit Kukreja said...

TOI/HT are addictions that need specialized rehab centres.. i'd like to check in first..