Monday, August 31, 2009



Life teaches you so many lessons and one amongst them is luxury.

what sometimes we take for granted may be actually a blessing.

i have made a list of my own through my own experiences and you are requested to contribute ur own.


scale a mountain with entire battle load of around 22 Kgs at 17000 Ft and you realise what i mean. u thank God for allowing you to take every breath.

Running Water and wash-basin.

i was so sick of using pots and pans of water for about 2 and a half months that when i saw a wash-basin and running water , i let it flow unbelievingly for good about 2 mins.

22 degree celcius.

its a luxury to be at a place where u can do with just one layer of clothing on you. u feel u ve become weight less compared to 4 layers u used to put on earlier.

Sight of your complete bare body.

its a luxury , believe me.!! u get to see only piece meal.

and last but not the least..

believe me friends. its a blessing to have WC and not go out in the open. trust me on this. i know its importance.

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jyotsna said...

On last one, it is good as long as you do not have to use a WC at Rohtang Pass. Only then you realize the value of nature and being close to it. Trust me on this.