Sunday, December 21, 2008

Indian Army - My passion

When i was in the first year of my college, i was told by one of my seniors that if in your life you are able to do what you want, then the work becomes a paid holiday. and folks, i am doing just that here. there's nothing to beat this wonderful organisation that i serve and its really a religion and lifestyle for me.
i just want to say that always listen to your heart and you will never go wrong. you must take the road less travelled and that will make all the difference.

Be spontaneous with all that you do
Don't judge others, just be the real you
Wake up each day,
and start it all new.

Ride a wild horse with purple wings.
Never hesitate to try some new things.
Every new experience starts with a few small stings.

If you ever leave something from your long journey's run,
And despite if you've had little fun.
Just once in a while ride a wild horse into the sun.


neeti said...

ausum!!!! dat's the word for this blog....i hope the words does lil good to for u, ur passion is ur driving keep going!!!

Ankush said...

merci madame!!( ce est francais)