Monday, December 29, 2008

Flying Progress

Today my flying figures crossed into double figures. i am the first in my course to have completed 10 flying hours. that isn't necessarily as good a thing as it sounds. coz that means that u have learnt what others have managed to learn in fewer hours. But this isn't as bad as it sounds either. which means that my well wishers can also have something to cheer about. Firstly, if you are flying well , the instructor gives you more flying time/day which means that u get to learn more about the nuances involved , which also means more improvement. Secondly, your flying gets finer, and increases your and also the instructor's confidence. So not to worry. cheers.


Nupur said...

flying has always been your i think u r enjoying it to the fullest...gr8 job..keep it up!!!

vinodgoyal said...

nice to lear about the progress. cool tne passion ans learn the lesson. be on the top and hope , to go further high in the sky.enjoy the feel, in the air on the wheel.
god bless
ma papa