Monday, December 1, 2008

Latest Book i read

There's this very interesting book that i came across titled" Ofcourse i love you ... till i find someone better" by two chic young delhi based writers. the book is very contemprory and the writing style very fluid. A must read and also that it's excellent value for money. paper back.. 300 odd pgs.. and just 100 bucks.


Ranjeev said...

The idea in the book is not to be taken seriously, it is just a fiction. Someone with the ideas as mentioned in the book is certainly going to have trouble in his love life, so better avoid it if you can.

neeti said...

the book is not a pick up for the avid readers but is surely a time pass. one of the most peppy books i ve read which delineates that thingz can turn even for the bad boyz if they experience the true love!!!