Monday, July 6, 2009

Union Budget 2009-10

from the nation's pt of view it might be a good budget. but as a salaried person and a layman i have been disappointed. there are 2 major issues which did not meet my expectations:
1. IT slab raised by just 10,000/- . it will effect a net saving of Rs 1,000/- on my IT for the yr.(out of something around 40,000/- which i am expected to shell out).
2. ceiling for savings under 80-c still remains at 1,00,000/-. a total shocker. with the entire nation expecting encouragement for savings and investments it was a total anticlimax.

which means that i have to definitely take some house loan to save on some tax. may be thats what the fin min wants!

but there's a silver lining also. the prices of LCD TVs have gone down by 5%. i.e by about 2K. i am planning to buy a LCD in the very near future. though the prices of set top box has gone up.
may be will have to live with such things.

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