Sunday, July 19, 2009


we've all heard of munshi premchand. these days i m reading one of his first books titled "sevsadan". and let me tell u folks awesome is an understatement.
i am enjoying reading it very much. the story is set in early 20th century and its really very interesting to read about the contemprory issues at that time and the social situation.
so it's wonderful.
we in india know atleast 2-3 languages.but get so obsessed by only english. there is so much literature avail in other languages and you will derive great pleausre.
so i ask of you to read some hindi and local language books and not waste this extra knowledge of language that all of us have by not reading. we should not use these languages merely for conversation but also read extensively.


jyotsna said...

Even I read Prem Chand's Premsadan and Godan when I was in 9th standard and frankly found it not so inspiring then. But when I look back at it, it was very enriching in terms of the experiencing those times. I am a huge fan of Shivani's writings and I have read almost all her literature. She stills tops my list of fav. Probably her writings are more feminine but I like the way she depicts Kumaon / kolkata / Lucknow (which are settings of almost all her stories) and day to day human emotions. Another likeable thing is that her female characters are invariable strong (just like most of Sharat Chandra novels).

Ankush said...

i agree with jyotsna. female characters are strong not just in novels but in real life too.