Thursday, July 2, 2009

post nupitl POA!!

it was in my mind for quite some time but now it has started to take some shape. my plan of action after my marriage is quite simple. but it is subject to so many small and big ifs. and it is something which not many ppl do or even plan. i am of the firm belief that if the majority is doing something , then it must be the best and most right thing to do. and put conversely, if not many ppl are doing something then it's not a great idea for u to do it either. or the time tested path is much better than the 'path not taken'. but since my idea doesn't put much on stake( except the wrath of my would be better half) , i ve almost decided that i will do it. ( now pl don't start jumping to any conclusions .)

this idea erupted because a no of people have invited me over to their places for my much awaited 'honeymoon' . Actually, sometimes i feel they are waiting for it more eagerly than i am. so i ve decided to oblige them all and enjoy the grand , large hearted , warm indian hospitality.i am going to vis all my relatives ( maybe her also if she is very keen) and my coursemates at nice stns and other offrs who are posted at 'good' places.
i will drive, take train journeys et al to underatke this large excursion.
let's see if this fructifies.
let me know of how u feel about this idea.

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