Thursday, January 1, 2009

A time for introspection and retrospection

today is the first day of a new yr. amidst all the celebrations its the time for introspection and retrospection. like an accountant work out your 'credits' and 'debits' of the balancesheet of your life. whatever u have done wrong, whatever u didn't want to do, missed opportunities, right decisions, achievements , accomplishments, work left to be completed et al. this yr dont lose focus from ur aim.
Also and more importartantly, have a life. see what is it that u are running after. ask urself, if this is worth spending ur precious golden period. and if ur answer is yes, then go all out for it , full throttle. but if the answer is no, tis the time to rework ur priorities. stay close to ur family and relatives. they are the ones who will bail u out in any crisis.
And lastly , live life king(or queen as the case may be)size. live in the present and stay cheerful , healthy , wealthy and wise.
my best wishes.

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Nupur said...

my best wishes to u n ur family too for the year 2009.....may all ur wishes come true....