Sunday, January 11, 2009

Calling One and All

Today i watched the movie 'A Wednesday'. A very Nice film indeed. Through the means of this blog i wish to invite all u wizards, geeks and the hackers to come forward and contribute your bit to the national security. This is our duty towards our motherland. Today the war is being fought on a different dimension all together and this war uses technology.

India has got the best brains in this world and most of us are working for some other country through some MNC. The security agencies are only able to pool in the second bests.
when such an occurance as 26/11 occurs we all are angry but when it comes to make a sacrifice and contribute to national security, we all back out. This war isn't being fought on any borders. it is being fought in our homes. Let us all fight back and be cyber soldiers.
I know u have it in you. Lets start this movement.
If this blog strikes a chord, pl feel free to get in touch with me. Please prolifirate this blog so that it has a maximum reach.

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