Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flying Progress

yesterday i flew better than other days. Hats off to my instructor Lt Col Pandey for bearing with me and having so much of patience. when i kept( still keep) doing mistakes , he just kept(still keeps) giving me another chance. yesterday, i could get a feel of how to land. starting of a new phase in learning.
but today my horoscope in TOI says that i should be not expect immediate results and will have to put in more. Ready for that. No probs. Lets see how the day turns out to be.


Ranjeev said...

Flying is all about patience and to remain cool, calm, be able to register something and react to it simultaniously. If a flyer does not have patience he will not able to do his job. So KAKA JI its for us too pick up that quality from our CFI to be cool & patient. Aur phir Pandey ji ki to baat hi kuchh aur hai. He is really great person.
Happy Landings!!

Nupur said...

Congratulations!!!!im really happy for you...finally u could learn how to land smoothly....gr8 job..keep it up!!!