Thursday, January 8, 2009

Romancing the cities!!

there have been a no of cities where I ve been to or rather stayed. But there are 4 of them i really love and which make me feel at home. i just love being there and even whenever i am alone and down i open their Maps and traverse on the very familiar roads and paths. Just talking about them is a great stress buster.
Let me break the suspense; they are Delhi, Kolkata,Mumbai,Pune ( In alphabetical order). each of them have got their own charm and culture. Very different from each other but still very likable. Critics may feel free to find a no of faults in each of them but the truth is that all of them in some way define the Great Urban Indian Culture. Delhi is the prime city of North India and is a amalgam of many cultures. u will find the chic, the not so chic , the traditional, and the not so traditional, the rich and the poor, and all seemingly happy.
I Love Mumbai just for the sheer pace of it. Nobody can be seen wasting time and is bound by a routine. Daily commuters using the lifelines of BEST and the local form the main working class. Infact, she's India's most professional city in every way. Busses and trains operate dot on time and a 7:29 local arrives and leaves at precisely that time. the best part about this city is that it never sleeps.
Kolkata is a slow city where the pace of life is quite slow. People have little problem in wasting time by means of traffic jams, stagnant locals and jammed trams. But it has a culture of its own. It has a very rich heritage and this is what i love about the city. Eminent British and Indian personalities with their own claim to fame have resided here. off late, tremendous development has taken place in the way of flyovers, malls, discs and the night life has also considerably improved.
Pune is undoubtedly the Youngest city of India. Courtesy the vast student population pursuing various courses, this city is forever youthful. the general people are also very intelligent and aware. The city can be clearly divided into the regions for the young and the the grownups.
Deccan , FC rd, MG Road are represent the freedom every Indian Urban Youth desires.
A great city to feel young.

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